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Police bus prison transport 3D


BECOME A PRISON TRANSPORT DRIVER, IT’S A HARD JOB BUT SOMEBODY NEEDS TO DO IT!Are you ready to bring hard core criminals to their final destination, you joined the police force and they have assigned you with this important job. Step into the police bus begin you prison transportation duty once you enter your cop vehicle. Police bus prison transport 3D is an extreme driving simulator 3D game that offers you more than enough action. Wait till all inmates are in their position drive fast and furious make sure you arrive as soon as possible. Relive this crime city from these harden criminals, robbers and thief’s. Make sure you get the bus in time and save.A CRIMINAL CASE CLOSSES ONCE YOU ARE AT YOUR DESTIONATION.Once the judge sentence these thief’s, robbers and criminals your job starts, as a prison transporter you need to drive through the filled streets of a crime city. This means that you as a bus driver need eyes in you back, to be aware of all the danger that is around you and your police bus. Make sure you bring this criminal case to a good end. If you are looking for an extreme driving simulator 3D game look no further download Police Bus Prison Transport 3D today!
POLICE BUS PRISON TRANSPORT 3D GAME FEATURESReal crime bus driver prison transport missions Endless amount of thief’s, robbers and criminals to take to jailBig crime city to drive through, day and night drivingDifferent kind of police buses, make your police bus the way you likeEarn cash invest in the biggest prison transporterLearn the ropes of a cop bus driver in this extreme driving simulator 3D
THIS IS A REAL EXTREME DRIVING SIMULATOR 3D GAME!So clear the streets of crime of those dangers thief’s, criminals and robbers. Be the best you can as a cop and make sure you close the criminal case at the end of the day. Have fun with this newest extreme driving simulator 3D game on the google play store. Drive fast and save and protect and serve police officer!
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